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Source Limitless Digital Fabrics

Our 3D fabric sourcing platform empowers you to ignite your creativity, design ideation, and productivity. We accelerate your DPC workflows smartly and efficiently. No more 3D asset limitations, or excessive workloads!
Digital Libraries Scale-1

Accelerate 3D Digital Product Creation

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Boost Fabric Sourcing Efficiency


TextileCloudstreamlines your sourcing stage by allowing you to manage, organize, and categorize all your digital fabric to share with your internal and external team members to respond to customer-driven trends more efficiently—approved designs and samples at a higher speed on time, every time! 


Unleash Your Creativity With 3D Fabrics

Our AI-powered 3D fabric library enables a seamless exploration of captivating digital fabrics from global suppliers to spark inspiration and creativity to start digital product creation at your fingertips!

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3D Design Software Compatibility

Embrace our seamless digital fashion workflow. Once you have chosen the 3D fabrics, you can download the glTF, U3MA, or U3M files to transfer them to any 3D design software to finalize your 3D models for videos, NFTs, the metaverse, or share them with your customers and teams to get feedback instantly.

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