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Empowering Connections-Enhancing Innovations

Our partners are integral to our mission of delivering seamless, innovative solutions. We're proud to showcase a network of technical partners and a diverse range of integrations made possible through our open API. Together, we're shaping a more connected and efficient digital future.

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Technical Partners

Our Technical Partners at Frontier are the backbone of our innovation, bringing cutting-edge technologies and expertise that propel our platform to the forefront of the industry. These collaborations enable us to offer our users the latest in AI-driven analytics, sustainable sourcing solutions, and advanced 3D visualization tools. By harnessing the strengths of our partners, we ensure that Frontier remains a dynamic and powerful tool for the textile and fashion sectors, offering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability. Together, we're shaping the future of fabric sourcing and design, making it smarter, more accessible, and environmentally responsible.

Government, Educational Institution & Association Partners


We're proud to collaborate with a diverse range of textile associations, government projects, and educational institutions. These partnerships enable us to integrate a broad spectrum of insights and innovations into our platform, enhancing our offerings and extending our reach in the field of digital fabric sourcing. This collaboration network strengthens our commitment to advancing the textile industry through technology and education.


Open API Integrations

Our open API is built for versatility and seamless integration, providing connections to various services and applications. With our focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology, is more than just an independent platform. It is designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing tech stack, including PLM, 3D design software, or ERP systems. This approach ensures a customized and efficient experience tailored to your specific needs.

Become A Partner

We're always looking to expand our network with innovative companies. If you believe your product or service complements, or youwe'd love to hear from you.
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