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Skyrocket Fabric Digitization 

On-demand high-quality AI-powered fabric digitization solution that allows you to save money, manage, create, and showcase your digital fabric libraries to be discovered by global brands anytime, anywhere! 

Frontier - Skyrocket Fabric Digitization

Scalable. Profitable. Interoperable.

Start Digitizing With Pioneering AI Technology


AI Fabric Digitization


Take your material sample to build digital fabric libraries.

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Use a flatbed scanner to digitize your fabrics in 5 minutes.

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Enjoy unlimited uploads to our platform.


Create Digital Fabric Libraries 

Showcase your digital fabric database to let global brands explore, select, visualize, and order your fabrics. You can accurately plan your production, inventory, shipping schedules, and expected revenue while improving workflows and time to market. 

Create Digital Fabric Libraries

Meet Brand Demands Efficiently

Manage your digital fabric orders, track your inventory, and engage with brands to meet their requirements for seasonal collections on time. Be a first mover, and start your fabric digitization journey now to boost efficiency by embracing our AI-powered fabric digitization.


We Solve Your Challenges

Say goodbye to the lack of traceable data, rush deliveries, time-consuming physical sampling methods, costly courier fees, and the limited and slow capabilities to meet your demands by adopting rapid and scalable fabric digitization that transforms your business forever.

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