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Reliable Eco-Impactor™ Data

Control your fabric's environmental impact in real-time by measuring your fabric's eco-impact across the textile and fashion value chains and sharing it transparently with your customers by leveraging reliable science-backed data!

Transformative. Sustainable. Reliable.

Determine the Sustainability Profile of Garments

Our partnership places Made2Flow's scientific data at the heart of the digital decision-making process that determines the sustainability profile of finished garments via centralized cloud-based platform with high-quality digital materials and turnkey access to this sustainable data!


Digital Fashion Workflow

Start sourcing 3D fabrics with reliable sustainability values such as GHG, water consumption, and land use that are automatically generated via AI technology. What's more, you can preview the environmental impact aspects of each fabric before you produce them to avoid any costly late surprises. 

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Achieve Carbon Neutrality 

Reach your environmental science-based targets faster while complying with the industry's regulations (PEFCR, Ademe, etc.,) and avoid unexpected fines by embracing's Eco-Impactor add-on application.

3D Fabric for True Sustainability

Made2Flow & join forces to add a new, sustainable dimension to digital material sourcing in fashion by combining Made2Flow's transparent environmental impact assessment solutions, and's AI-powered material digitization and 3D-ready fabrics!

Tal Shogol | Made2FlowCEO
The fashion industry has limited visibility into its multi-tier supply chains. It'll make it difficult for stakeholders to meet their sustainability commitments and targets. Our shared goal is to help brands and their partners set and meet objective targets for GHG reductions."
Wayne Fan | Frontier.coolCSO
"We're proud to already be delivering great results today: every digitized material via comes complete with environmental indicators such as GHG, water & land use. These insights are ready to share, and suitable for incorporating into sustainability strategies." 
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