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Digital Fabrics On-The-Go!

Discover the future of digital fabric exploration with FabriSelect, the QR code application that brings the world of textile sourcing to your fingertips. Seamlessly blending convenience and innovation, FabriSelect™ enables you to access and engage with digital fabrics like never before, all in just a few simple steps!

Interactive Sales Tools

FabricSelect™ is a cutting-edge solution that bridges the gap between physical and digital fabrics, transforming how you can source and interact with suppliers and mills.


Seamless Exploration

Immerse yourself in a seamless exploration experience. Our built-in QR code scanning feature makes accessing digital fabrics a breeze. No need to fumble through physical samples anymore – just scan and go!

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Save Your Favorites

Never lose a fabric that captivates you again. With FabriSelect, you can save your favorite digital fabrics for later. With a single tap, the digital fabric is instantly added to your collection, ready to inspire and spark creativity whenever you need it.


Level Up Your Access

Your fabric collection is no longer confined to a desktop. With FabriSelect, your saved items are at your fingertips, wherever you go. Enjoy the freedom of accessing your curated digital fabric library anytime, anywhere.

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