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Alexis Liu2024-042 min read

Navigating the Future of Fabric Design: Your Guide to the Meta Fabric Platform

Welcome to Meta Fabric, where the future of digital fabric design becomes today's reality. This comprehensive guide will introduce you to navigating our innovative platform, ensuring a seamless and productive experience from the moment you log in.

Mastering the Meta Fabric Interface

Discovering New Trends with Curated Swatches

Dive into a world of inspiration with our Meta Fabric page, showcasing 20 new fabric swatches monthly. Stay ahead of fashion trends and find your next inspiration with ease. Once logged in, you can browse curated fabric swatches on the Workspace > Meta Fabric tab . We update with 20 new fabric swatches every month, ensuring you stay on top of the latest fashion trends.


Effortless Information

Access Get to know the fabrics at a glance. Hover over any swatch for immediate access to product names and essential details, streamlining your search for the perfect material.


Exploring Product Pages in Depth

Each click on a thumbnail opens a new door to detailed product pages, where every fabric's story unfolds, from specifications to visual representations.


Immersive 3D Material Exploration




Experience fabrics like never before in our 3D virtual environment. Engage with a 360-degree view that brings textures and colors to life, offering a comprehensive understanding of each material's unique characteristics.

  • Scroll down to the "Customized" section under the "3D Material" title on the product page.
  • Click on "3D viewer" to experience a 360-degree view of the digital fabric in a virtual environment, exploring the texture of each fabric thoroughly. 

Seamless Download and Integration

Ready to bring your designs to life? Our platform supports various file formats, including U3M, U3MA, and glTF, ensuring compatibility with your design process and software preferences.

  • In the "Customized" section under the "3D Material" title, locate the download option.
  • You can choose from three available formats, including U3M, U3MA, and glTF, to meet different design requirements.


Add Your Favorite Digital Fabric to Your Asset Library

In the Meta fabric tab, you have the option to choose your preferred fabric pieces and save them to your asset library.



Choose the desired organization to save, and tick to review the Additional Info and 3D material. After a waiting period of 3 to 5 minutes, you will be able to browse and add them to your Asset library.




Customizing Your Viewing Experience in the Asset Library

Choose how you explore our collections with display options that cater to your preferences—opt for large images for visual impact or thumbnails with detailed text for quick information.

  • In the top-right corner icon, you can choose to view in either large image format or thumbnail view with accompanying text information.



Embarking on a Journey of Digital Design Innovation

With Meta Fabric, your journey through the digital fashion landscape is filled with endless possibilities. By leveraging our platform's features, you're not just designing; you're innovating, experimenting, and leading the way in sustainable, cutting-edge fashion. Start exploring today and transform the way you create.

For more information about file formats, check out our previous article here!


Alexis Liu

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Alexis Liu is the Head of International Business Growth at Alexis helps to bring our story to an international audience of brands, designers, and suppliers. Alexis has over twenty years of experience in B2B digital marketing and business development.